Feb 032015
Photographer Interview Adam Marelli: Answers Revealed

Interview: Adam Marelli on Dear Susan Answers Revealed BY PASCAL JAPPY Adam’s Note Based in France, Dear Susan is a collective that looks at the creative side of photography.  They named themselves after the critic and photography writer, Susan Sontag.  They mix a range of essays, interviews, and travel pieces so that your next sojourn [more...]

Feb 162011
Who Is Sven Hoffmann?

ISSUE N° 005 / HONG KONG How did you decide to start working with a Leica? And which equipment do you use? I have always been a huge fan of “The Greats” like Robert Frank, Clemens Kalischer, and Wim Wenders just to name a few.  For me they are true Leica photographers, along with Henri Cartier-Bresson.  [more...]

Jan 242011
Your Shot [002]

Valery Titievsky A Russian Journal The balance between embracing the future and preserving the past is always on the verge of collapse. After World War II, a generation of Russian men were missing.  Young women filled the empty boots of farmers, technicians, managers, and fathers who died in the war. Sixty five years later, I [more...]

Jan 162011
Kando Camera Case

[ Black Label Bags ] Distilling the padded world of camera bags one step further is the “Kando” from Black Label. It is the easiest way to get from origin to destination without any extra luggage. Travel Light When I travel the goal is to take as little as possible and make it last for [more...]

Jan 102011
Leica Lens Review: 35mm Summicron f 2.0

Small, Simple, & Pre-ASPH Standing on a balcony outside of the Magnum Office’s in New York, Tina Ruisinger photographed Inge Morath and  her Leica M6.  The beat up hood of the 35mm Summicron, made me wonder, why the most famous pictures were taken with equipment that looks like it went through a war?  I wanted [more...]

Jan 072011
Vintage Travel

A Little Bhutan, Mostly Darjeeling [ The Higgs Archive ] About a year ago I was introduced to an English woman who said her husband was a photographer.  They traveled around the world and as she put it, “Took lovely pictures of the things they saw.”  Sounds innocent enough, right?  When she invited me to [more...]

Dec 082010
Walking Barefoot: Leica 90mm Summicron Review

Leica 90mm Summicron Review Pre-ASPH f 2.0   Traveling has a way of sharpening the senses. Surrounded by new sights and strange sounds, the world can feel like a completely different place. For a close up view, Leica’s 90mm Summicron is the portrait lens of choice.  But even more than a lens for faces, it [more...]

Dec 012010
India ( Part II )

[ Public Beach, Private Bath ] Personal space is a rare commodity in India.  Much of a westerners morning routine takes place behind closed doors.  But for nearly 100,000 pilgrims to Vivekananda Rock, in Kanyakumari, everything takes place in broad daylight. -One in a Million Our wake up call was at 5:00 am.  Early mornings [more...]