Mar 192012
John Singer Sargent

The Origins of Street Photography What exactly is street photography and when did it begin?  Was it the 1950’s or  was it the 1930’s?  Did it have anything to do with the  invention of the 35mm?  The roots of street photography extend  back the 1400’s when painters became interested in daily scenes.  Lets have a [more...]

Jan 272011
Leica Travel Guide

Eating In Venice There are three comments you will always hear about Venice; Its sinking, its expensive and the food stinks.  This is a half truth perpetuated by day trippers who have not cracked the Venetian code. Where To Eat: Introduction The Venetian menu is seasonal, much like the rest of Italy.  The kitchens take [more...]

Jan 102011
Leica Lens Review: 35mm Summicron f 2.0

Small, Simple, & Pre-ASPH Standing on a balcony outside of the Magnum Office’s in New York, Tina Ruisinger photographed Inge Morath and  her Leica M6.  The beat up hood of the 35mm Summicron, made me wonder, why the most famous pictures were taken with equipment that looks like it went through a war?  I wanted [more...]

Dec 272010
How To Spot A Real Venetian

Venice, Italy The crowds are gone, the rain has stopped, and the cold, blue sky has come in from the north. Its Christmas time in Venice and a great chance to experience the city with the locals, but what does a real Venetian look like? -35mm Summicron Version III For this trip to Venice, I [more...]

Nov 062010
How to Photograph Strangers

To Ask or Shoot Taking pictures of strangers can be intimidating.  If you ask, the moment may be gone, but if you don’t there may be a bigger problem.  How do you decide how to photo- graph strangers? Costa Rica It takes some guts to grab a camera, head out in the streets, and start [more...]